Upcoming Landscaping Trends in Dubai

Landscaping Trends keep on transforming in Dubai, due to growth and development. The commercial landscaping and residential landscaping styles revolutionize every year in the UAE. The infrastructure and the landscape of Dubai brighten the overall appeal of the city. Shopping centers, malls, sports complexes, villas, apartments, beaches, etcetera are the most beloved places in the city. Impeccable landscaping also plays a major role in Dubai’s infrastructural beauty.

Are you looking for the upcoming landscaping trends in Dubai? Well, look no further, we’ve covered everything for you in this blog! So, stay hooked until the rest of the blog.

Top 5 Upcoming landscaping trends in Dubai

1. How about Vertical Gardening?

Vertical Gardening Dubai

Well, it is worth knowing that landscaping has no boundaries, only if you know the right way to do it! Vertical gardening is a novel concept in garden landscaping and is soon on the verge to gain momentum. This type of gardening style allows people having little space to enjoy beautiful gardens and flawless landscaping around their home. Having a lush green garden at your doorsteps feels bountiful, isn’t it? Well, you can make this a reality with vertical gardening!

2. Revolutionizing hotel and resort landscaping!

resort landscaping dubai

Tourism plays an important role in Dubai’s economy, isn’t it? To provide the most memorable vacationing experience to its tourists, hotels and resorts are all set to experiment with the new landscape structure for gardens, tennis courts, swimming pools, sports courts, spas, and etcetera. The time will tell whether the new landscaping styles of hotels and resorts rule the hearts of the audience or not. Until then, fingers crossed!

3. Geometric Hardscaping: A new way of landscaping

Geometric Hardscaping Dubai

You might be familiar or not with the concept of geometric hardscaping. For those of you who don’t know what geometric landscaping is; it is the use of geometrical patterns in landscaping. Nowadays, people are more fascinated by this type of landscaping. This style is highly suitable for designing driveways, walkways, patios, or as home decor too.

4. Landscaping designs for villas and apartments.

Landscaping designs for villas dubai

A summer holiday spent on villas and beachside apartments, isn’t vacation well spent? Well, obviously YES! Villas and Apartments are as popular in Dubai as Burj Khalifa. What makes them so popular among tourists is their antique and luxurious structure, tranquil spot, fun activities and many more. Outdoor kitchens, sparkling pools, lush green gardens, and patios are some of the upcoming trends of landscaping designs for villas and apartments in Dubai.

5. Re-designing golf courts and complexes

golf court landscaping Dubai

Last but not least is the transformation of golf courts and golf complexes. To make the golf courts more attractive and sustainable, extensive irrigation facilities, lush green gardens, etcetera are laid by the architects. Moreover, we can expect new and beautiful landscape designs in the golf community space in Dubai.

To sum up!

Landscape designing in Dubai is transforming at a faster pace. If your looking for professional landscape company in Dubai to do this landscaping for your projects, contact KCJ today. The 5 above mentioned landscaping trends were worth knowing! Hope you find our blog insightful and would love to hear your feedback on this subject! Feel free to comment!

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