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KCJ Landscaping is one of the best commercial landscaping company in Dubai. We have secured the top position among most of the companies that do commercial landscaping services. We offer you the best quality commercial landscape designs and construction in Dubai and near by locations.


We possess great expertise in commercial landscaping in Dubai, UAE. A great landscape will always compliment a good building and we at KCJ Landscapes do such customized landscape works for your office buildings from scratch. Our commercial landscape works will kindle the inner joy within you! 

 If you are looking for #1 Commercial Landscapers in Dubai, then contact us today at  +971-50-5478110  

Our Services Include

  • Tree Transplanting
  • Masonry and Paving
  • Exterior Living Spaces
  • Irrigation Systems
  • Swimming Pool Construction
  • Wetland Planting
  • Garden Design & Maintenance
  • Artificial Grass Installation

Why Should You Choose KCJ Landscaping for Your Commercial Landscaping Jobs in Dubai? 

commercial landscaping company in Dubai


Listed are the reasons why you should choose KCJ Landscaping for your commercial landscaping works in Dubai and we strongly believe that we will make it up to your expectations every single time!

We design the best Commercial Landscapes in Dubai

Unlike other commercial landscape designers in the UAE, we at KCJ don’t have a set of template design to pick from. Our team of expert landscape architects reach out to our clients personally, get to know about their likes and suggest them with more designs that suit their interest and then provide them with unique and tailor-made designs to quench their imagination.

#1 Contractors of Commercial Landscaping in Dubai

KCJ landscapes have been in the commercial landscapes industry in Dubai since 2012. All these years we have built a great relationship with all the clients that we have worked with through our flawless design and execution.


Our team of skilled and energetic professionals will provide you with not anything less than the best. We have an in-house team of skilled gardeners who helps us in the process of construction and execution of the most beautiful commercial landscape designs in Dubai and nearby areas. 


Our Commercial landscaping services are the best you can ask for in and around Dubai. We do commercial landscaping in competitive pricing with high standards.

Best Maintenance for Your Commercial Landscaping

Commercial Landscaping Dubai


A commercial landscape requires to be at its finest shape at any point of time! It should always be the center of attraction surrounded with lush green lawn and all its elements being in a good shape year-round. And that’s a task where we help you with the maintenance of your commercial landscape.


KCJ Landscaping will help you in everything that needs a quick touch up and keep them in place. We do mow your lawn, prune the plants, plant greens and trees, we do pest management, we add fertilizers and aeration. and also, the removal of weeds and trees. We also do maintain the architectural elements that add a function to your commercial landscape.


Whatever your requirement may be we come up with a tailored maintenance schedule made just for your commercial landscape at regular intervals.

Commercial Landscape Contractors in Dubai

Landscape Contractors in Dubai


Commercial landscaping in Dubai is not just mowing the lawn or adding plans to your garden space, it is much more than that! It is done in various steps including designing, construction, installation and maintenance.


Commercial landscape contracting require the assistance of a professional to set up an aesthetically pleasing outdoor to your business or office building that will be appealing to your clients and also helps in enhancing the business through the ambiance. 


Leading Landscaping Company in Dubai

Our commercial landscape contracting professionals will help you by suggesting creative ways to define your outdoor space and make it more functional depending on your type of business and aesthetically appealing irrespective of the climatic conditions.


Commercial Landscaping designs will include some or all of the mentioned features like a great lawn which satisfies your need for a lush green landscape, an evergreen garden, easy to maintain irrigation systems, adding artificial lighting, creating a place to hang out or a simple seating arrangement and more artistic shading elements like gazebos and pergolas.

If you are thinking about adding a beautiful landscape to your commercial area in hotel, malls, business centers, walkways, sports clubs, parks, beach or anywhere in Dubai and UAE, Contact KCJ Landscaping at to get a quote!

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