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KCJ Landscaping is a trusted landscaping company in Dubai. With the best landscapers in UAE we help you transform your space for the better. We are specialize in landscaping and swimming pool services in Dubai and near by areas.

We KCJ, a professional landscaping companies in Dubai that focus on customer need. Whether you need villa landscape or garden landscaping when you work with us, you will get quality services from KCJ. We stand out from other landscape companies in Dubai by our service and customer satisfaction. 

Contact us today at +971-50-5478110 or fill the contact form to get the best landscaping services in Dubai.

KCJ offer you the best landscape design, construction and maintenance services in Dubai and nearby. With years of experience we provide you high quality landscaping services. 


    How landscaping companies in Dubai Work?

    A lot of landscaping companies in Dubai are doing pretty good job in the city. Dubai has come a long way from being a desert to becoming a country with a lot of greenery and beautiful landscapes that has attracted a lot of foreigners to the country. All thanks to these landscaping companies in Dubai. Not just in public places like malls & tourist attractions, but even residences are also now very much interested in adding a bit of greenery to their own back yard.

    This shift has changed the perspective of Dubai in the eyes of the rest of the world. And has become a model city for the rest of the world. The landscaping companies in Dubai are known to be the best of its kind all over the world.

    Best Dubai Landscaping Companies

    As mentioned earlier, these are considered one of the best landscaping companies in Dubai and rest of the world. One can even say that the ones in Dubai are the best landscaping companies than the ones in the western world.

    These companies have played a major role in beautifying Dubai on the whole, they have an excellent team with expertise in design, implementation, knowledge in gardening etc.

    Hence its good to say that the landscapers and the landscaping companies in Dubai are the best in class.

    Importance of Landscaping companies in Dubai

    Landscaping played a crucial role in the nation building. Dubai wouldn’t have attracted such tourist crowds and therefore revenue from the tourism industry if not for the landscaping industry in Dubai. That’s the importance of landscaping companies in Dubai.
    These landscaping companies in Dubai know what they are doing, they are very skilled and professional.
    Without the landscaping companies in Dubai, your back yard would look boring. Life always needs a touch of greenery to it so does your home. The landscaping companies in Dubai are great at soft as well as hard landscaping. The interesting part is you can always find the best landscaping company in Dubai and it will fit in your budget as well!
    If you would like to know more in details about landscaping or if you need a consult, feel free to write to us at

    Landscaping Companies in Dubai Services

    Irrigation Services

    Irrigation Services

    We offer you the best Sprinkler and drip irrigation system in Dubai

    Garden Maintenance

    Garden Maintenance

    At KCJ landscaping we offer complete garden maintenance service in Dubai.

    Villa Landscaping

    Villa Landscaping

    We provide you the best villa landscape design & construction.

    Garden landscaping Dubai

    Garden Landscaping

    We are the #1 garden landscaping and home gardening service provider.

    Commercial Landscaping

    Commercial Landscaping

    KCJ give the perfect makeover to your Commercial landscapes in Dubai.

    Residential Landscaping

    Residential Landscaping

    Beautiful landscapes for your house is not just a dream anymore.

    Pergola Construction

    Pergola Construction

    We work at very competitive pricing without compromising the quality of the pergolas.


    Gazebo Design

    Gazebos are a great choice to have in your garden to hang out! We take pride in designing the unique gazebos in Dubai!

    Pergola Design

    Pergola Design

    Our expert architects in Dubai design pergolas and arbors which goes well with your garden.

    Types of Landscaping in Dubai

    Contemporary Landscape
    Contemporary Landscape
    Zen Style Landscape
    Zen Style Landscape
    Luxurious Landscape
    Luxurious Landscape
    Spacious Landscape
    Spacious Landscape
    Roman Style Landscape Dubai
    Roman Style
    Residential Landscaping Dubai
    English Style
    Chinese Style Landscape
    Chinese Style
    Elegant Style Landscape
    Elegant Style

    Our Landscaping Projects in Dubai & UAE

    Check out our latest projects pictures

    Professional #1 Landscaping Companies in Dubai and across UAE

    Speaking of elegance and luxury, nothing could get that to your house or building other than a beautifully landscaped area in front of it. KCJ builds the best landscape for your home. As top landscaping and irrigation companies in Dubai, we offer high-quality landscape works.

    Another popular misconception about landscaping is that people think that landscapes are just for aesthetics. But it’s not! Landscapes can make your space more functional than you would even imagine! A perfectly designed landscape by expert architects from KCJ Landscaping will help you achieve that functionality as well as act as a great source of proper ventilation for the house. 

    Are you looking for the best landscape contractors in Dubai, UAE? So here is the answer for the best swimming pool and landscaping companies in Dubai & near by areas. The name is KCJ Landscaping LLC. Our office is located nearby Dubai Miracle Garden in Al Barsha, Dubai. KCJ offers landscape consulting, design, construction of landscaping across the UAE.

    Why choose KCJ for your landscaping services in Dubai & UAE?

    • ◘ KCJ Landscaping has good experience in working in Dubai and dealing with the UAE’s arid temperatures.
    • ◘ We have gained enough knowledge about the climate, the plants, lawns, and the irrigation system that suits your area perfectly through our years of good experience.
    • ◘ We are the most trusted landscape contractors and garden landscaping companies in Dubai.
    • ◘ We take care of all your end-to-end landscaping needs! Yes, at KCJ Landscaping company, we have landscaping contractors in Dubai and the UAE to take care of all your needs regarding landscaping your villa in the UAE.
    • ◘ Our designers are specialized in building unique structures for your landscapes such as pergolas, gazebos, and arbors that fit into your requirements. 
    • ◘ At KCJ landscaping we put our customers first! We design everything according to our client’s taste and produce it in a 3D image to show them how exactly will it turn up so that they can get a better idea of the design and make changes if any even before the construction begins.
    • ◘ KCJ is one of the most rated and recommended landscaping companies in UAE by our happy customers. 
    • ◘ KCJ landscaping is one of the villa landscape companies in Dubai that can offer such a competitive price for its landscaping services Dubai.

    Looking for the best landscaping companies in Dubai? Try KCJ

    Landscaping Companies in Dubai

    With years of hard work and customer satisfaction, we take pride in ourselves to have grown to a position to be called the #1 landscaping company in Dubai. We design and build your landscape with perfection while maintaining high standards. As a most trusted landscape company in Dubai by the customers and villa owners we give you the best landscape service every time.

    Our landscape projects in Dubai and across UAE speak the work we done.  Ever since we started our journey as a landscaping company in Dubai, we have always been conscious of our quality and our customer satisfaction and we always believe that that dedication has brought us now as one of the leading landscape companies in Dubai & across the UAE.

    KCJ – The best landscaping Companies in UAE

    Our works will always stand unique. We will provide you with a landscape for your villa in Dubai with one of its’s kind landscaping works. We undertake all works irrespective of their size and do everything with equal importance. We are so proud to have the best architects, landscape designers and masons in the whole of Dubai who does their job with perfection. Here are some services that we do in and around Dubai.

    FAQ 1: How to hire the prefect landscape companies in Dubai?

    If you want to hire an expert in landscape here we are, KCJ landscaping is the best landscaping companies in UAE. We are expert in landscape design and construction of swimming pools. With 8 years of experience KCJ rank tops in the list of landscaping companies in Dubai and near by areas. Contact us today to get free consultation for your landscape design for your villa or commercial purposes and get free quote immediately. 

    If you are looking for the best landscape companies in Dubai to build the perfect landscape for your Villa or Garden, contact us now at / +971505478110 we are happy to help you!
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