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Our list of Landscaping Services

Commercial Landscaping Company in Dubai

Commercial Landscaping

KCJ give the perfect makeover to your Commercial landscapes in Dubai.

Landscaping Company in Dubai

Residential Landscaping

Beautiful landscapes for your house is not just a dream anymore.

Pergola Construction Dubai

Pergola Construction

We work at very competitive pricing without compromising the quality of the pergolas.

Gazebo Design Dubai

Gazebo Design

Gazebos are a great choice to have in your garden to hang out! We take pride in designing the unique gazebos in Dubai!

Pergola Design Dubai

Pergola Design

Our expert architects in Dubai design pergolas and arbors which goes well with your garden.

Gazebo Construction Company in Dubai

Gazebo Construction

We construct a state-of-the-art gazebos for your garden in and around Dubai, UAE.

Leading Landscaping Company in Dubai

KCJ Landscaping LLC, Dubai

Landscaping your place allows you to enjoy it to the fullest! We KCJ Landscaping, a landscaping company in Dubai with the best landscapers in town we help you transform your space for the better. 

A beautifully landscaped garden at your front yard will elevate the look and feel of your house altogether! 

Speaking of elegance and luxury, nothing could get that to your house or building other than a beautifully landscaped area in front of it.

Another popular misconception about landscaping is that people think that landscapes are just for aesthetics. But it’s not! Landscapes can make your space more functional than you would even imagine! A perfectly designed landscape by expert architects from KCJ Landscaping will help you achieve that functionality as well as act as a great source of proper ventilation for the house. 

As most of the house owners in Dubai and UAE often stay inside their house due to the area’s arid climate a beautiful well-planned landscape with a nice seating area will show you the paradise within your own compound! 

Why should you choose KCJ for your landscaping services in Dubai?

  • ◘ KCJ Landscaping has good experience in working at Dubai and dealing with the UAE’s arid temperatures.
  • ◘ We have gained enough knowledge about the climate, the plants, lawns and the irrigation system that suits your area perfectly through our years of good experience.
  • ◘ We take care of all your end-to-end landscaping needs! Yes, at KCJ Landscaping company, we have landscaping contractors in Dubai and the UAE to take care of all your needs regarding landscaping your villa in the UAE.
  • ◘ Our designers are specialized in building unique structures for your landscapes such as pergolas, gazebos and arbors that fit into your requirements. 
  • ◘ At KCJ landscaping we put our customer first! We design everything according to our client’s taste and produce it in a 3D image to show them how exactly will it turn up so that they can get a better idea of the design and make changes if any even before the construction begins.
  • ◘ KCJ landscaping is one of the villa landscaping company in Dubai that can offer such a competitive price for its landscaping services in Dubai.

Top in Landscaping Companies in Dubai

With years of hard work and customer satisfaction, we take pride in ourselves to have grown to a position to be called the #1 landscaping company in Dubai. We design and build your landscape with perfection while maintaining high standards. 

Ever since we started our journey as a landscaping company in Dubai, we have always been conscious of our quality and our customer satisfaction and we always believe that that dedication has brought us now as the #1 landscaping company in Dubai.

We are the Leading Landscaping Contractors in Dubai

Landscaping Contractors in Dubai

If you are looking for a landscaping contractor for your villa landscaping in Dubai, you have landed at the right place. We at KCJ Landscaping take utmost care in our client’s landscaping works by meeting all their end-to-end requirements. We have established ourselves as the leading landscaping contractors who do end-to-end landscaping works in Dubai and the UAE. 

Our works will always stand unique. We will provide you with a landscape for your villa in Dubai with one of its’s kind landscaping works. We undertake all works irrespective of their size and do everything with equal importance. We are so proud to have the best architects, landscape designers and masons in the whole of Dubai who does their job with perfection.


Here are some services that we do in and around Dubai

Commercial Landscaping in Dubai

Our Landscaping works are not just limited to houses and villas. We do create an elegant and appealing landscape to your commercial buildings on your budget. A beautifully landscaped workspace will give more reasons for your clients and employees to love being there. Our landscape designs are designs in such a way of keeping in mind the type of your business and your requirements. That way we make sure those landscapes add more function to your business than just a good appeal.

Residential Landscaping in Dubai

KCJ Landscaping does the best residential landscaping services in Dubai. Our residential landscape services can be availed by anyone who wishes to add a landscape to their house or villa irrespective of its size and shape. These beautiful landscapes add more value to your property in terms of the monetary value of the property, aesthetics to it and increased living space for the family.

Contact KCJ landscaping company if you are willing to increase the value of your property by adding a beautiful landscape to it.

Pergola Design & Construction in Dubai

Pergola Construction in Dubai

Pergolas are structures that can be added to any landscapes to make a seating area. Pergolas are structures that have a gride like roof suspended by pillars. They are added to any landscape to add beauty and also to provide some shade to hang out in there.

At KCJ Landscaping, we design and build the most unique pergolas for your villa landscapes in Dubai and the UAE.

Gazebo Design & Construction in Dubai

Landscaping Company in Dubai

KCJ Landscaping is one of the leading landscaping company in Dubai who does a variety of gazebo designs and construction for your building landscapes. Gazebos are more of a closed hexagonal-shaped structure that provides complete shade in your landscape. Gazebos are designed to look like small huts made of concrete or wood.

We at KCJ landscaping design unique and different varieties of gazebos as per your taste. We design and construct these structures with materials that blend well with your landscape in Dubai villa.

These elements like pergolas and gazebos improve the look and feel to your garden landscape in Dubai instantly. They are very functional as they can be made as a hangout spot for your friends and family. These spaces can be constructed as a stand-alone structure or can be designed and built complementing your swimming pool. Either way, these structures are going to increase the aesthetics of your building in Dubai.

If you are looking for the best landscape designers to design and build the perfect landscape for your garden in Dubai contact KCJ landscaping now at info@kcjlandscaping.ae we are happy to help you!

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