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When you think about villas, you definitely imagine a beautiful garden along with it. KCJ the leading and professional villa landscaping company in Dubai which offers the wide variety of villa landscape services specially for villa owners.


If you own a villa or about to buy a villa in Dubai, you know that you need a beautiful front yard garden in it. But as we all know it is not so easy to make in by yourselves in a place such as the UAE with its arid climatic conditions. So, we ask you to let the experts do the work for you. 

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Villa Landscaping Services We offer

  • Landscape Consultant
  • Villa Landscape Designing
  • Villa Landscape Architecture
  • Landscape Maintenance
  • Garden Maintenance
  • Swimming Pool Construction

KCJ – #1 Villa Landscaping Company in Dubai

Villa landscaping in Dubai


We, the KCJ landscaping company is one of the best villa landscaping company in Dubai. We offer services such as villa landscaping designs, villa landscaping construction to the villa owners in Dubai to help them completely transform their place into a much more beautiful one. 

Most of the people who opt for a villa instead of an apartment do so because of their interest in landscaping as well as having a great garden to their villa. Villas give you a better chance of bringing yourself one step closer to nature than a flat. 

Waking up to a beautiful landscape every morning will uplift your mood for the day. KCJ landscaping company helps you achieve such a unique and beautiful garden landscape for your villa.

Why choose KCJ’s Villa landscaping Services in Dubai?

We suggest you choose KCJ landscaping’s villa landscaping services for various reasons.

  • ◘ We know what we do, hence we reduce so much time and wastage, thus reducing the effective cost of the project
  • ◘ We help you design a great living space at your front yard! Our designs always look out for the form and function of a space
  • ◘ We use our experience in this field to create the most unique and wonderful garden experience for you at your villa
  • ◘ When it comes to quality we are always top-notch
  • ◘ We cater to our customer’s needs as they wish

Trusted Villa Landscape Designer & Contractor

We have designed the garden landscapes of a lot of villas in and around Dubai in the last decade. Our growth in the villa landscaping industry was mainly a fruit of hard work and quality of work in the past. Since we are in this industry in this area, we know all the tips and tricks, as well as our efficient craftsmen and expert architects, know to cater to the needs of our customers keeping all other aspects and constraints also in mind.


With the trust of all our customers in the past, we take pride in calling ourselves as the most trusted villa landscape designer and contractor in Dubai. KCJ also do Villa landscaping services in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah.

Backyard Landscaping

We KCJ landscaping do all kinds of villa landscaping. We design beautiful backyard landscapes as per our customers wish we design them. Usually, we design it to be a private space for the family to enjoy nature and in such a way to host friends and family. We choose plants and trees according to the purpose.

Front yard Landscaping

Front yard landscaping has to be more aesthetically pleasing than a backyard villa landscape. We usually add the character for the villa at the front yard landscaping. We do a great character by adding elements like pergolas and gazebos or make it simple by adding small shrubs and plants and a pavement that walks into the villa or the garage. Either way, irrespective of the budget we always make sure to build a great front yard for our client that increases the value of their property in the neighbourhood. 

If you own a villa in Dubai and wish to try your hands on some great landscapes at your front and back yards, contact KCJ landscaping at info@kcjlandscaping.ae for helping you in the process!

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