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KCJ Landscaping in addition to the landscaping works and swimming pool construction works also does the best in class home renovation services in Dubai. KCJ landscaping provide you the best home and office renovation services for your house and office buildings in the UAE.

Everyone in the UAE is well aware of KCJ Landscaping’s services in the landscaping sector. KCJ is also the best home renovation company in Dubai and near by areas. Since we have been the best at what we do, it became possible for us to gain a great reach over the years.

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Home Renovation Services We Offer

artificial grass dubai

Artificial Grass Installation Dubai

Professional Artificial Grass / Turf Installation in Dubai

tiles installation companies in dubai

Tile Fixing Dubai

Leading Wall & Floor Tiles Installation Services in Dubai

Irrigation Services

Irrigation Services

We offer you the best Sprinkler and drip irrigation system in Dubai

Interlock Tiles Dubai

Interlock Suppliers in Dubai

KCJ Landscaping supply and install high quality interlock tiles in and around Dubai.

Masonry Services Dubai

Masonry Services

KCJ Landscaping serves you with even the smallest of the masonry jobs in and around Dubai.

Building Maintenance Dubai

Building Maintenance

KCJ Landscaping helps you with renovating your building and giving them a makeover

Professional House / Home Renovation Company in Dubai & Near Your Area

Home Renovation Services in Dubai

Re modeling or renovation of a house gives the house a whole new makeover to space. In the same space, without undergoing any changes to the structure, the entire look and feel get changed. While preserving the sentimental values of your house, you can alter what you want to make your life easier by availing of KCJ landscaping‘s home renovation services in Dubai. 

When you do not want to leap your budget by constructing a new house, you can preserve your still strong yet seemingly old houses by giving it a much-needed home makeover in Dubai from the best home renovation contractors in Dubai, The KCJ Landscaping. 

Why Choose Us for Home Renovation in Dubai?

There is more than one reason for you to choose KCJ Landscaping for renovating your houses in Dubai. 

  • ◘ We are in the landscaping and construction industry for more than a decade in Dubai
  • ◘ Our professionals know just the thing that you need
  • ◘ We are not any just another home renovation contractor in Dubai. We have set the bars really high for ourselves
  • ◘ We are very punctual in delivering the project
  • ◘ The amount of dedication and works that goes in to any home renovation service in Dubai is always the same irrespective of the budget
  • ◘ We do not just do home makeover in Dubai; we are also one of the best companies that offers reasonable commercial renovation services in Dubai as well

KCJ – Trusted Home Renovation Service Providers in Dubai

At KCJ Landscaping, we take pride in saying that we are not like any other building renovation company in Dubai and UAE. Our works always speak for themselves. At KCJ Landscaping, the one thing that we look for the most is customer satisfaction. 

There are many reasons for which a client may opt for a home renovation service for their houses or offices in Dubai. They could be preserving the emotional value of their ancestral house, some clients may give their house a makeover through renovation to keep it up to date with the latest trends all the time, some people will do house remodeling and renovation to make the most out of their still strong house and to keep it in the budget. 

Whatever your reason for renovation is, KCJ landscaping offers the best for you. Often renovation is all about furnishing the house and painting it all over again, sometime it may be to create spaces for your new appliances in your kitchen or any other thing. We always understand our client’s need, their taste in the matter, and their budget. We always make sure to fit any job within the budget of our clients. And that’s how we have achieved a high rating in customer satisfaction. 

Leading Home Renovation Contractors in Dubai

Home Renovation Contractors in Dubai

Being the leading home renovation company in Dubai, KCJ Landscaping is a home for all the best professionals in the town. We also purchase the materials at a competitive price which enables us to provide such high standards at an effective cost which won’t make a hole in our customer’s pockets. That’s how KCJ has become of the finest office and commercial renovation contractors along with home renovation in Dubai

We do all kinds of home renovation services in Dubai including, house offices and commercial renovations of buildings in Dubai. Over the span of a decade, we have grown as a leading home renovation company in Dubai.

Our professionals at KCJ does all kinds of house renovation works including

  • ○ Building maintenance works
  • ○ Masonry works 
  • ○ Tiles & interlock works.

1. Building Maintenance Works

Building Maintenance Works

The crucial part of a home renovation in Dubai is maintenance. Our engineers do take care of that part which makes you worry less about any of those works. We take care of the structural stability and all other maintenance works in the house.

2. Masonry Works

Masonry Works Dubai

Wherever there is a home renovation work, the need of masons and masonry works are inevitable. Our masons are highly skilled and we will take care of all the masonry work from a small plastering work to creating wonders.

3. Tiles & Interlock Works

From our years of experience, we are certain that there are no renovation works without an upgrade to the flooring. Since it’s pretty obvious, we purchase the tiles, interlock blocks at the lowest rate possible for our customers. Our highly skilled labors will lay you the perfect flooring for your newly renovated house in Dubai.

We also do pave your pathways and the space around your house with designer interlock blocks that just instantly helps in elevate the beauty of your newly renovated house in Dubai.

If you are someone who is thinking about doing a make-over for your home in Dubai, be it a small one with just another coat of paint and plaster or a huge one, if you want them to be done by the best and trained hands, give KCJ landscapes a call. 

For more queries about our home renovation services and contracts contact us at +971-50-5478110  / info@kcjlandscaping.ae now!

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