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Fake Grass Carpet / Synthetic Grass / Artificial Turf Installation

KCJ Landscaping is a leading company for artificial grass installation Dubai.  KCJ Landscaping provide customers with the best quality artificial grass carpet in Dubai and nearby. With years of experience, we are providing an extensive and high standard of synthetic grass products in the UAE. As a top rated artificial grass company in Dubai,  KCJ is also one of the best artificial grass suppliers in Dubai. 

artificial grass installation dubai


As a top rated landscaping company in Dubai, we give the customer what they need as per their requirement. Our high-quality grass does not require extra maintenance, and it will save your gardening costs as well. We supply and install artificial grass in Dubai. 

Nothing looks as beautiful as green in a big area. Green color adds freshness and provides a natural look to space. Our artificial grass services are a blend of good quality natural beautiful appearance. They are easy to fit and can be customized according to the size of the space.

Our Artificial Grass Services

  • ⦾ Indoor Artificial Grass
  • ⦾ Garden Artificial Grass
  • ⦾ Artificial Grass for Balcony
  • ⦾ Artificial Grass Carpet
  • ⦾ Artificial Sports Turf
  • ⦾ Swimming Pool Grass
  • ⦾ Terrace Artificial Grass
  • ⦾ Lawn Artificial Grass
  • ⦾ Artificial Grass Maintenance 
  • ⦾ Artificial Grass Cleaning
  • ⦾ Artificial Turf Maintenance 
  • ⦾ Fake Grass Installation 

Are you looking for artificial grass installation expert in Dubai? Look no further and contact KCJ  at +971-50-5478110 today!

Why choose our artificial grass installation services in Dubai?

  • ◘ We can assure you that our artificial turf installation will save a lot of water in irrigation. 
  • ◘ KCJ is a leading fake grass carpet / artificial grass company in Dubai with years of experience in the field.
  • ◘ We do projects in all sizes, We install fake grass carpet to you balcony to artificial turf for football ground.
  • ◘ We assure high-quality services and artificial grass maintenance & cleaning in Dubai.
  • ◘ Most rated and trusted Artificial grass supplier in UAE
  • ◘ Our synthetic / artificial grass in Dubai is weatherproof and looks accurately like the natural grass.

Hence, we can assure you of high-quality artificial turf that will save your time of watering, trimming, and irrigation. Let us know if you are looking for an artificial grass company for installation in Dubai. We are happy to serve you!

Our Artificial Grass Projects

#1 Artificial Grass Suppliers in Dubai

Artificial Grass Suppliers in Dubai


KCJ Landscaping company is the best artificial grass suppliers in Dubai, UAE. Our artificial grass items don’t only look genuine but are soft to the touch. We provide the high quality turf in UAE market. Our artificial turf installation services are engineered to meet the hot weather conditions of the UAE. Thousands of customers are already enjoying the pleasant appearance of our artificial grass.


Artificial Grass Maintenance Dubai

We also do artificial grass maintenance Dubai and artificial turf cleaning in Dubai and across the UAE. The most straightforward move to fix a damaged lawn is to replace it. It involves the changing of the whole yard or cutting it out and then putting a new piece instead of the damaged one. But the problem that arises here is to find the perfect color match for the existing turf. KCJ is a also a leading swimming pool builders in Dubai which offer best turf for the swimming pool too.

Our company is well equipped with different variety of turfs which comes in different colors. So if you have any issues for your artificial grass, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We can fix all sort of problems in your artificial lawn, and hence making them last for years. 

Professional Artificial Grass Installation in Dubai

Artificial Grass Installation


KCJ provides artificial grass installation services in Dubai. We have installed artificial grass in more than 100+ projects and have satisfied customers. In a hot country like UAE with fewer water resources, artificial turfs are the best option for your backyards as they are going to stay for long. Our artificial turfs are best for your backyard. We can provide artificial grass of any considerable length. We have a number of artificial grass items perfect for any kind of space. Contact us to get your artificial grass carpet Dubai for your need. 

Advantages of Artificial Grass Installation Dubai

  • ◘ Artificial turf saves your water bill as you do not need water for the artificial grass.
  • ◘ Safe for kids to play in that area as artificial grass does not require any extra fertilizers, pesticides, or weed killers to grow like the natural grass.
  • ◘ No need to waste your time in mowing as plastic grass is not going to grow ever. 
  • ◘ Artificial turf requires low maintenance, and it is easy to do. You only need to clear the hardened debris with the help of water. 

How much Artificial Grass Installation Cost in Dubai?

At KCJ we offer you the various quality artificial grass installation for your needs. The approximate artificial grass installation cost in Dubai is starting from 60 AED per square meter. With various brands and suppliers the artificial grass installation price differs from 60 AED to 120 AED per square meter based on your selection of grass brands.

KCJ is available in the Dubai to provide artificial grass installation. If you are looking for an artificial grass supplier in the Dubai and the UAE, then feel free to contact us directly. Get the best quote for your artificial grass installation. We are ever ready to serve you our best services. 

If you need a Artificial Grass Suppliers in Dubai or #1 Artificial Grass installation in Dubai. Call at +971-50-5478110 or  mail us at 

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