Gazebo Design in Dubai, UAE

Enhance the beauty of your back yard or garden by adding an outdoor garden element called gazebo from the best gazebo design company in Dubai. Gazebos are a hut shaped building with a hut-like roof, mostly built in hexagonal and square shapes. 

Gazebos offer great outdoor space. It adds an additional living area to your house. Gazebos render shade, a nice seating area, outdoor dining area and much more. Gazebos are made in all sizes from small to large all sizes and as per the requirements of the customers, customized gazebos are made by KCJ Landscaping.

Our Gazebo Design Types

  • Garden Gazebo
  • Wooden Gazebo
  • Metal Gazebo
  • Temporary Gazebo

The choice of adding a gazebo landscape to your garden will be one of the best investments you can do for your garden. A great gazebo design at your back yard will be the favorite gathering spot for your friends and family. A gazebo will be the perfect BBQ spot in your backyard. Not just that, as its fully covered you can add cosy pieces of furniture of your choice and enjoy the view of your garden.

Why Should You Choose KCJ Landscaping for Gazebo Design  in Dubai? 

Gazebo Design Company Dubai


  • ◘  We have been recognized as one of the best companies that designs unique gazebos in Dubai and the UAE
  • ◘  Our excellent craftsmen don’t design anything less than your expectation
  • ◘  We guarantee our clients a 100% satisfaction in design, experience and quality

We do the best Gazebo Landscaping in Dubai

If you opt to add a gazebo design or a gazebo landscape to your garden or backyard in Dubai or UAE, never think twice before contacting KCJ Landscaping in Dubai. KCJ Landscaping does the best gazebo landscaping designs in the UAE and Dubai.

KCJ landscaping is one of the best residential landscaping and gazebo design company in Dubai and hence has a great team of expert professionals who puts their 100% in each and every project.

Since KCJ landscaping has more than 8 years of experience in building gazebos in and around Dubai and the UAE, it does the best and unique gazebo designs. A gazebo adds a great vibe to your outdoor garden.

Our Gazebo Services

  • Gazebo Designing
  • Gazebo Constructions
  • Gazebo Installations
  • Gazebo Renovations
  • Gazebo Maintenance

Gazebo Design Services in Dubai, UAE


#1 Gazebo Designers & Contractors in Dubai

A gazebo landscape or a gazebo design is similar to a pergola, a gazebo in addition to adding style and shade to your garden also creates a perfect gourmet spot for your kitchen! It is usually built at the centre of the garden a small or large hut shaped building that adds more functionality than just aesthetics.

KCJ Landscaping’s Gazebo Design & Installation in Dubai

One of the most loved services of KCJ Landscaping company is gazebo design and installation in Dubai and UAE. A beautiful gazebo in your own back yard lets you enjoy and use the space to the fullest. KCJ as a Dubai based company, we has an expert and specialized team in gazebo design, we do design according the choice of the customer.


Various types of gazebos can be designed for your villa in Dubai. You can design one by the side of you pool or lawn at the front yard or back yard. Depending on the placement, space and size also the functionality and number of people living there we design great gazebos just for you! A customized gazebo at your villa in Dubai is the best you can do to your villa in Dubai.


Our gazebo designs stand out from rest of the companies, we do design unique one and will receive their feedback after sending then a 3D visualisation of the design.

If you are a property owner in Dubai or UAE and wants to upgrade your outdoor looks by adding a unique gazebo or any other landscaping needs you can always contact KCJ landscaping without a second thought.