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KCJ Landscaping is a professionally certified irrigation system companies in Dubai, UAE. We are one of the most rated landscaping firm in Dubai which also provide the best-suited design of garden sprinkler systems for your site. As a leading irrigation service specialist in Dubai, we design and install the irrigation systems with maximum efficiency in water management to your gardens. 

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KCJ offers modern and environmental friendly garden landscaping and irrigation system installation in Dubai to our clients. We provide the best design and installation services of garden irrigation systems in Dubai and near by areas. Are you looking for a perfect Drip irrigation system? Let us know about your requirements related to the irrigation system and we will happily help you with our reliable services.

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Irrigation Services We Do

  • ⦾ Sprinkler irrigation
  • ⦾ Surface Irrigation
  • ⦾ Garden irrigation
  • ⦾ Manual Irrigation
  • ⦾ Drip Irrigation
  • ⦾ Irrigation Design
  • ⦾ Irrigation Maintenance
  • ⦾ Water Tank Installation

KCJ – #1 Irrigation System Installation in Dubai

Irrigation System Installation in Dubai


With the high standard irrigation system, KCJ ranked top in the irrigation system companies in Dubai. Our high-quality products make us different from other contractors. Our engineers work with dedication to provide innovative residential and commercial irrigation systems. We are one of the reliable companies in Dubai for irrigation system services. Our focus is on providing the best irrigation system in order to avoid wastage of water. 

Considering the constant change in water level, our engineers design irrigation systems accordingly to make them adjustable. Our irrigation system installation services are cost-effective and efficient. You can save more water and more money with our affordable services. Perhaps, you know well-designed irrigation does no harm and helps you to stay away from any kind of water wastage.  

Why choose our Irrigation System Services in Dubai?

  • ◘ KCJ engineers will study your site to assess the amount of water requirement and serve you our irrigation services accordingly.  
  • ◘ We understand our client’s wants and we ensure to provide high-standard products for our customer satisfaction.
  • ◘  KCJ works with complete transparency and delivers as per our promises.
  • ◘  We focus to save your time and provide the best design and installation services in Dubai. 

Drip, Garden Irrigation System Services in Dubai & Nearby

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To keep a garden well-maintained and green, you need to keep watering it properly and evenly. Uneven watering will do more harm to your garden than any kind of benefit. If you aren’t able to evenly water your garden then you should think about it before creating more damage. 

Our garden irrigation system service in Dubai is best as we ensure that all areas are being watered in your garden before installing our garden sprinkler system. Let us help you in providing a fresh and even green look to your lawn/garden. 

Irrigation System Supplier & Maintenance in Dubai

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If you’re experiencing leaks, water runoff, or any other type of problem with your irrigation system, contact us today we provide the best Irrigation System Repair in Dubai and near by areas, You can’t have a beautiful landscape without a right and useful irrigation system.

If you are thinking to convert your bare landscape into a lawn or yard then you need our affordable irrigation system. We are one of the leading irrigation system suppliers, repair and maintenance in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Our goal is to provide essential irrigation support to our customers. 

You must have a good irrigation system to keep your landscape as per your dreamland. We ensure to provide cost-effective irrigation system maintenance to our clients so that they can enjoy our irrigation system services. 

No more worrying about over or under watering your garden/lawn. No need to worry about water wastage. Our affordable drip irrigation system will help you in saving more water.

Do you need a good irrigation system to convert your bare land into a beautiful garden? Give us a call at +971-50-5478110 or  mail us at to discuss more.

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