Residential Landscaping in Dubai, UAE

KCJ Landscaping is one of the best residential landscaping company in Dubai. Residential Landscapes makes your house stand out in your neighborhood. At KCJ Landscaping, we take utmost care and ownership in creating a perfect outdoor space for your family that are unique and appealing.

Our team at KCJ consists of expert professionals in the landscaping Industry in Dubai, UAE. We can give a huge transformation to your front and back yard landscapes in Dubai.

Types of Landscaping We Provide

  • Contemporary Landscape
  • Elegant Style
  • Spacious Landscape
  • Chinese Style
  • Zen Style Landscape
  • Roman Style
  • Luxurious Landscape
  • English Style

Why Choose us to Design Your Residential Landscaping in Dubai & UAE?

Residential Landscaping Dubai


If you are planning to add a landscape to your beautiful villa to make it even more appealing and functional, we suggest you contact KCJ Landscaping in Dubai. Here are some things that you can expect from KCJ Landscaping for your villa landscaping.


  • ◘ KCJ Landscaping always puts its customers first. KCJ Landscaping through these 8 years of service has always kept its loyalty to customers as our core value
  • ◘ At KCJ landscaping we design your back-yard landscape in Dubai & across UAE as per your requirement. Every design is unique!
  • ◘ We do all residential landscaping services from planning to execution at one place
  • ◘ KCJ Landscaping company has a record of always exceeding the customer expectation through our design and construction
  • ◘ We do your villa’s landscaping service at superior quality and very competitive pricing.

Our Landscaping Services

  • Villa and House Landscaping
  • Front-yard & Backyard Landscaping
  • Residential Landscaping Consultation
  • Designing & Planning
  • Landscape Installations
  • Landscape Renovations
  • Maintenance & Renovations

Residential Landscape Service in UAE


We are the best Residential Landscaping Designers in Dubai


KCJ Landscaping Company is one of the best residential landscaping designers in Dubai for the past 8 years. We made it possible by putting our customers and their requirements as our first priority. Our team consists of expert professionals in the industry who have a sound knowledge of landscape architecture and horticulture.

Our professionals at KCJ will meet your family, know your requirements and design a landscape for your residence with different areas such as a public area, a private area and a living area in your garden by planting trees and shrubs or by adding new elements.

What Can You Expect from us for Your Villa Landscaping in Dubai?


 If you are planning to add a landscape to your beautiful villa to make it even more appealing and functional, we suggest you contact KCJ Landscaping in Dubai.

Here are some things that you can expect from KCJ Landscaping for your villa landscaping.

  • ◘ At KCJ we believe that every design should have a functionality, we don’t believe in having an element which provides no function to the customer.
  • ◘ We create aesthetics along with the function depending on the family requirements
  • ◘ KCJ landscaping designs your villa landscapes in such a way that you could use that space as an extension of your villa and not just as a piece of attraction
  • ◘ Experts at KCJ Landscaping are well experienced in working at UAE climatic conditions so they can help you design a landscape that stays evergreen irrespective of the climatic changes.

Residential Landscaping Company in Dubai

Residential landscapes is an art which enhances the beauty of your property by adding lawns, gardens and other elements according to our preference. It is the process of crafting our outdoor space to add great value to it. KCJ is the best residential landscaping company in Dubai who does the job better than anyone.

Residential landscapes improve the appearance and aesthetic appeal of the area around your house. The landscape of a house reflects the taste and of the owners to the visitors as they are the first thing that catches your guest’s eyes.

Residential landscapes, in addition to being aesthetic, it should also be functional. KCJ Landscaping provides the best residential landscaping services for your villa in Dubai and UAE.

A beautifully landscaped house not just adds pleasure and joy to the owners of the property, but also increases the value of the property.

Benefits of Residential Landscaping

Thought most of us are now trapped inside our houses, we can’t deny the fact that we would always love to enjoy a piece of nature and its sounds. We would always love to spend some quality time in a beautiful and private landscape.

If you have enough space just ignore the dilemma and call KCJ landscaping in Dubai, we are one of the best residential and villa landscaping company in Dubai.

A residential landscape adds much more aesthetics to your house than what a great elevation could do. It draws the first attention of anyone passing by. The sound of nature and aroma of the blossoms can relax your soul like anything.

A landscaped residence’s value gets appreciated, unlike other properties which don’t. Since the trees and plants create a private space, in addition to the aesthetic they increase the value of the property too. Apart from the resale value, a perfect landscape will reduce your power consumption by buffering the temperature inside the house

A beautiful landscape designed perfectly for the area by a good landscape designer in Dubai like the KCJ landscaping will be functional throughout the year irrespective of the climatic conditions. It will add more functional value to the family since it is designed keeping the family’s needs in mind. The decreased temperature will add to the well-being of the family, An evergreen lawn, a gazebo and a pool or a children’s park in your own property will let you spend more time with your family and create great memories.

If you are thinking about adding a beautiful landscape to your Villa in Dubai, Contact KCJ Landscaping at to get a quote now!