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KCJ Landscaping is a leading pergola design company & #1 pergola suppliers in Dubai. A pergola can elevate the look and feel of your garden to another level. It is an element that can completely transform your outdoor space. Pergolas are not just an element for the aesthetics, they serve a function too. Pergolas provide shade and style to your garden space which can be used as a place to hang out with your friends and family for years.

Pergola Suppliers in Dubai

A pergola is a kind of shade element that has a slatted roof rather than having a complete cover. Pergola landscaping is usually made out of hardwood or concrete which stands for years. As a top rated landscaping company, KCJ has been doing the best pergola designs for villas and commercial purposes in Dubai since 2012.

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Types of Pergola We Provide

  • Wooden Pergola
  • Aluminium Pergola
  • Traditional Pergola
  • Modern Pergola

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Pergola Design Dubai

Why Choose us for design your Pergolas in Dubai & UAE?

  • ◘  KCJ Landscaping has the best landscape designers in town! We create unique pergolas every single time
  • ◘ We consult with our clients personally and design according to their likes and preferences.
  • ◘ We make the most affordable pergolas in Dubai
  • KCJ landscapes take ownership of the work and deliver the product with high quality
  • ◘ KCJ Landscaping is in the industry for more than 8 years and we have now proven to be one of the best in the pergola design and construction industry
  • ◘ You can trust KCJ Landscaping with your villa’s pergola design and construction because of our experience as a great pergola design company in Dubai

#1 Pergola Suppliers in Dubai and Near by 

KCJ, a Dubai based landscaping company providing the top quality pergola designs in UAE. Pergola landscaping can be used anywhere in Dubai and UAE. If you have a Villa or an independent house and you want to add a seating arrangement in the garden you can use pergolas.

Pergola landscaping in Dubai is a great way to make your garden landscape more appealing instantly. It provides a hangout space for you and your family.

Pergolas can be constructed both in commercial and residential landscapes depending on your requirements. KCJ offer you the trending pergola designs for your project.

Pergola designs in UAE are mostly used in the front yards since it is a great piece of art and will draw more attention from the visitors.

Professional Pergola Design in Dubai

Pergolas, in general, have become a common thing in most of the landscapes due to their beauty and function. Though pergolas in Dubai are a common thing in most landscape designs, the designers at KCJ landscaping will always make sure that each of our client’s landscape and pergola or any other structure for that matter stands unique.

KCJ Landscaping makes unique pergola design in different shapes and sizes according to the theme, are and our customer’s preference. Pergola design and installation in Dubai had never been this easier with our KCJ Landscaping.

Know about Pergola Structure

A pergola is an outdoor structure that can be made as a free-standing one to provide shade and style or can be built attached to the elevation of the building.

Basically, Pergolas are made of columns that support the roofing structure and beams that form a grid-like roof to provide shade in the hangout areas or pathways of your garden.

Benefits of Having a Unique Pergola Structure at Your Villa.

  • ◘  Pergolas make a great hangout space
  • ◘  Pergola structures are not just beauty, they are beauty with a function
  • ◘  It provide shade but do not give a whole cover which is beautiful
  • ◘  The Pergolas are a low maintenance structure that provides a great look and a welcoming feel to your visitors
  • ◘  Pergolas offer a helping hand to the vines in your garden which makes the garden even more beautiful

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Our Pergola Services

  • Villa and House Pergolas
  • Front-yard & Backyard Pergola
  • Pergola Consultation
  • Pergola Designing & Planning
  • Pergola Installations
  • Pergola Renovations
  • Pergola Maintenance

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