Trending Pergola Ideas for Backyard in Dubai

Landscaping has become a more common word in all households of the UAE. Garden landscaping has become one of the necessities of every other house owner here in Dubai. People don’t just design them to flaunt their social status or to just catch up with their peers.

People are now seeing its functionality. They have understood how a calm and serene outdoor space could help them as a stress buster. The best thing that you could do to your backyard or garden landscape is adding a shade element to it, which also serves as an extension of the living area. Pergolas and gazebos are two such amazing architectural elements that you can add to your backyard landscaping project. 


Here are some cool, contemporary and also trending pergola ideas for your backyard in Dubai


Did you know? Pergolas are listed as one of the trending landscaping things to do by USA’s NALP association. 


Pergolas are traditionally designed using wood, but now it is also created using various other materials depending on the availability and choice. 


A minimal pergola provides a great ambience to your outdoor space. A cozy seating arrangement in the shade of your pergola makes a great entertainment area for your guests. It literally doubles your livable space. 


A stylish pergola design for your backyard in Dubai with great artificial lightings and potted plants in the shade of it! Just imagine the magical space that it will create at your backyard in Dubai! 

Budget-friendly pergolas

Budget-friendly pergolas are a thing now. It always doesn’t have to be that huge and the center of attraction on a backyard landscape. An inexpensive, minimal pergola which just serves the purpose of creating a stunning view in your backyard

DIY Pergola

A simple, DIY pergola at your patio will enhance the look considerably. It always doesn’t have to be a functional place; it could also be the small part of your patio that reflects your taste to the world

Large Pergola

Large & unique pergolas made of hardwood are never out of fashion! These pergola ideas for your backyard in Dubai will completely transform your place into heaven. Even though it may put a small hole in your pocket, but at the end of the day, it will all worth it. 

A great pergola at the backyard of your Dubai house will increase the value of your property considerably.

Hybrid pergola

A Hybrid pergola design for your Dubai house’s backyard. This one is for the people who know that they need some kind of structure at their backyard but having a dilemma to choose between the element. 

Some people may have a dilemma in choosing what they want. They wish to have both pergola and gazebo in their house but have other constraints. This kind of pergola-gazebo hybrid structure can be built for those people. It will be unique and will also satisfy their need to have both the structures.

Slatted Pergola

A slatted pergola can be chosen for your backyard in Dubai if you wish to be on-trend and also wish to have some private space at outdoors. These pergolas are made up of wood arranged in slats so while providing ample light & shade, it also provides a bit of privacy in there. These kind of contemporary pergola ideas are now commonly chosen by the residents in Dubai.

Playful Pergola

A playful pergola can be your go-to option if you are living with young humans. Children always love to play outdoors. Having a shaded place for them under the pergola with some playing gears and activities will keep them engaged while staying under the shade. This can be the best option for parents with young children who wish to construct the structure at their backyard in Dubai.

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