Swimming Pool Maintenance Services in Dubai

If you are looking for a professional swimming pool maintenance company in Dubai? you are in the correct place. KCJ Landscaping is a renowned name in swimming pool contractors and Swimming pool maintenance service provider in Dubai and nearby areas.

swimming pool maintenance dubai 

Having a crystal-clear pool throughout the year is what every swimming pool owners in Dubai want. However, the lifespan of a swimming pool is often less. It tends to get dirty overuse or even with no usage. And that’s why no matter whether it’s a commercial pool or a personal swimming pool whether it’s an indoor pool or an outdoor swimming pool it needs timely maintenance.

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Every swimming pool in Dubai be it an overused one or an underused one, be it an outdoor landscape pool or an indoor recreational pool or even a commercial pool everything needs constant maintenance.

Our Pool Maintenance Services

  • Pool Vacuum Services
  • Leak Detection
  • Pool Restoration
  • Pool Lights Repair
  • Pool Rectification
  • Pool Draining
  • Water Heater/Chiller
  • Pool Draining

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Why Choose our Swimming Pool Maintenance in Dubai & UAE?

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    • ◘ KCJ Landscaping has been aa leading Swimming pool design and maintenance company in UAE
    • ◘ We do have several packages which will help you choose the right one for the maintenance of your pool in Dubai
    • ◘ We do routine check-ups for your pool to make sure your swimming pool in Dubai is as good as new throughout the year
    • ◘ We make sure that the great aesthetic element in your property that is your swimming pool in your Dubai villa always looks the same
    • ◘ KCJ Landscaping not only does your swimming pool maintenance services but also keeps a check on your accessories
    • ◘ KCJ always does serve you at competitive pricing. That remains the same while it comes to your swimming pool maintenance in Dubai as well

Best Swimming Pool Maintenance Company in Dubai

Swimming Pool Maintenance in Dubai


KCJ Landscaping a well-known landscaping company in Dubai is also the best swimming pool design, construction and maintenance company in Dubai. 


Swimming pool maintenance is an important thing to follow for all the pool owners. It ensures the safety of the family that uses the swimming pool in Dubai. While maintaining the pool, the professionals take care of all the activities like pool desilting, recycling the water, removal of algae from the pool walls and floor, maintaining the PH level of the water, ensuring that the pool is not slippery and the water is safe to use. 


Swimming pools often get algae, the PH level of the water changes, the pool filters may get defective after some time if not taken good care of. To make sure everything is in its place proper maintenance routine is necessary for your swimming pools in Dubai.

Swimming Pool Maintenance Services in Dubai

KCJ Landscaping is one of the popular names when it comes to companies that do swimming pool cleaning in Dubai. KCJ landscaping is also a leading company for the design and construction of swimming pools in Dubai as well. As KCJ has been in the industry for several years now, we are very much confident in any kind of swimming pool maintenance works in Dubai. 


Swimming pool maintenance in Dubai is not just limited to clearing the leaves that fall on the surface of the pool. Along with that, we take care of monitoring the water’s ph level and maintain it at the right level if it’s either high or low. We also do the regular maintenance of the pool accessories such as pool filters, pumps, pool drains etc. and make sure that they are in perfect condition throughout the year.

For reliable and professional care for your swimming pools in the UAE contact KCJ Landscaping now!

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Swimming Pool Maintenance in Dubai, UAE