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Craving for a panoramic view & serene space at your backyard? Looking for a landscaper who could turn your not so lively outdoor space into comfort & cosy space for you to hang out with your family? Who wouldn’t love having a piece of nature at their back yard? We, the KCJ landscaping company is one of the best landscaping companies in Abu Dhabi that can make your wishes come true. 

We do state of the art landscaping in Abu Dhabi for your villa with the help of our exceptionally talented Landscapers, gardeners pool builders and architects. Our team consists of a complete package of professionals from gardeners to architects. Whenever there is a request or enquiry from a customer, our landscaping consultant personally visits the client’s place, knows about their needs and requirements and then design the perfect landscape for them. 

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We leverage the use of the latest technology to present the 3D model of our design to our customers and to get all the suggestions and changes even before the construction commences. 

Our Landscaping Types

Contemporary Landscape
Contemporary Landscape
Zen Style Landscape
Zen Style Landscape
Luxurious Landscape
Luxurious Landscape
Roman Style Landscape Dubai
Roman Style
Chinese Style Landscape
Chinese Style
Residential Landscaping Dubai
English Style
Spacious Landscape
Spacious Landscape
Elegant Style Landscape
Elegant Style

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Being the #1 landscaping company in Abu Dhabi, we offer the best garden and landscaping services in Abu Dhabi. Along with the garden landscaping works, we also do all kinds of soft and hard landscaping. We are known for our best and unique designed pergolas and gazebos. We not only design unique swimming pools but also construct and maintain them.

Our designs and landscape in Abu Dhabi will resonate with the nature of the city. Our designs compliment your house and nature very well. For us, no project is too big or too small we devote our full attention to every project. We believe that this dedication in our work has been the reason for our success!

Why choose KCJ for Landscaping in Abu Dhabi?

There are so many reasons for the residents of Abu Dhabi to choose KCJ landscaping company for their landscaping works.  

    • ◘ Our well-experienced landscapers will create the wonderland exclusive to you. We design a space keeping in mind to increase the livable space and to give more options to do for the residents. We are very particular in artificial irrigation which reduces the hassle of maintenance by many levels. 
    • ◘ Our professionals know their job very well. They have a very good history of working in the UAE and Abu Dhabi. They know all the tips and tricks, all the plants that grow very well at this part of the emirate and all the ways to reduce the maintenance as much as possible.
    • ◘ Due to our experience in the industry, we offer the best price and quality in the industry.

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Landscaping Company in Abu Dhabi
Landscaping your house in Abu Dhabi adds a touch of green in your everyday life. And we are very much happy in helping you achieve the perfect outdoor space that you wish. We design great and unique architectural elements in your garden landscape in Abu Dhabi to provide you with a little shade from the desert sun! Our unique designs, quality of work, custom made pieces of furniture for your outdoor space everything makes your property and the landscape a jaw-dropping one for your neighbors. 

Despite the challenges in this place, we choose the best thing and make sure that it works for our customer’s projects.

If you are a resident of Abu Dhabi and are looking for a landscaping company that will work closely with you to build your dreams then contact KCJ landscaping at / +971-50-5478110 without any second thoughts!


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