Difference between Pergolas and Gazebos

Are you looking for outdoor structures that provide shade and shelter? Are you confused about having a Pergola or a Gazebo in your backyard? In this blog, we are going to show the difference between pergolas and gazebos and giving an idea to find the right fit for you!

What is Pergola?

Pergolas are preferably rectangular structures with wooden posts or pillars forming a shaded walkway, passage, or sitting area. The pillars on the top form a grid that allows vines to grow and provide shade. Pergolas are suitable for hot and humid climates. The vines on the roof provide alternative shade and sunbeams which gives a soothing experience.

The structure of the home is either attached or supported by the pergola. The Pergolas fits best along the swimming pool side, flowerbed, or garden in your backyard. The posts of pergolas are situated at the ground level. Pergolas are popular in desert regions as the vines on the top give a refreshing shade. Pergolas are the best fit for a desert region like Dubai

During the summer season in Dubai, the hot winds blow, and sitting in a pergola with shade can be soothing.

Are you looking for a place to escape from the humid heat in Dubai? A pergola design in your backyard can be the best option.

What is Gazebo?

Gazebos are long and octagonal structures with roofs. They are open from the sides or have small walls to avoid insects. Gazebos are considered the best to relax and refresh.

During the 18th century, gazebos were built on top of hills providing a view of the countryside. People of that era used to watch for intruders from Gazebos. They are built separated from any other structure and provide a wide view of the surrounding area.

When the winter arrives in Dubai, a scenic view of the surrounding can be seen relaxing in the gazebo. Either a pergola or a gazebo can dress up your backyard and create a beautiful place to relax and refresh.

Pergola v/s Gazebo: Which is the best?

Difference Between Pergolas and Gazebos

The difference between pergolas and gazebos are their structure and the view they provide.

Pergolas are usually square or rectangular whereas gazebos are round and octagonal in structure. Pergolas don’t have a roof either; it has a grid of posts which allows the vines to grow. Gazebos on the other hand have a proper roof made of either wood, aluminum, or sometimes plain net.

 Pergolas links two structures and are attached to the house. Gazebos are independent structures separate from any other structure. Pergolas are the place to refresh and relax while gazebos provide scenic scenes of the surrounding area. Gazebo and pergola both have their worth.

 Either a pergola or a gazebo, the one which suits you best is the best.

How to choose a Pergola or a Gazebo in Dubai?

As pergolas have been built to provide shade, they can be helpful in hot climates. Countries like Dubai with desert regions and a hot and humid climate must prefer pergola in the backyard. If you enjoy solitude, pergolas can be the best fit for you. You can enjoy the shade and make it your study, work, or fun place.

Would you like to sit at the further end of your backyard enjoying the beautiful scenes of the garden at the path? gazebo construction can be the best choice. Both of them have their worth. It’s up to your choice which one you would like to have in your backyard.


In desert regions with a hot and humid climate, having a pergola in the backyard would be a great choice. Whereas if you like to view the scenic beauties of your surroundings, Gazebo can be a better choice.

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