8 Things To Know Before Designing A Swimming Pool In Dubai

After a tiring day or on a day of blazing heat, you would want to soak yourself in a pool of water. Wouldn’t it be untroublesome, when you don’t want to drive to a distance to enjoy swimming and relax at your own home? Yes! We are talking about a home with a dandy outdoor or indoor swimming pool! Also as we know any service required in a progressive city like Dubai, is provided at fast pace and at a premium quality. It works the same with the swimming pool companies in Dubai.

But before constructing one for yourself, here are 8 things to keep in mind that tether to, in designing a swimming pool if you reside in Dubai. Know this and it will be a cake walk to construct one in your own dwelling place!

1. Permanent Or Temporary Structure

Swimming Pool Design Dubai

The first question to ask yourself is if you want to install a pool to use temporarily or the one that is set in stone. The temporary construct can be done using kit for an above-ground pool. All you need is a handyman and a couple of day to put it together and voila! You will have your own pool. Though it is cost effective, it doesn’t jazz up your home value. Also with the baking hot climate year around in Dubai, it is advisable to have an in-ground pool fitted in the backyard. Remember, though the expenditure seems little extravagant, it is an investment that makes up to your lifetime of bliss.

2. Site Requirement

Dubai is a glamorous city where even most of the residential buildings are at dizzying heights. Hence engineering aspect of analysis is a must which include geotechnical report preparation, soil test and other evaluations required to affirm a long term support and sustainability. This site requirement is inferred by putting together the answers to questions: how you want your pool and what is feasible on your land.

3. Why And Wherefore

The purpose of building a pool is given a mind to before designing one. “Why?” is a common question asked by swimming pool companies in Dubai to pick your brain and thereby designing the pool, catering to your requirements and justifying expenses. Is it for exercise, relaxation, sports, entertainment, enhance property value and aesthetics or a combination? This also ensures that you can get your very own swimming pool in Dubai within the budget you have set for yourself!

4. How You Want It?

The type of pool to be designed is also whipped up based on the other factors like your location, purpose, cost, technical feasibility and type of material used in construction. The landscape and the surrounding architecture are enough to offer clues regarding the kinds of materials to be used. It depends whether you want your pool to blend with the natural landscape or a contemporary setting for your pool. Fiberglass composite, concrete and vinyl pools are quite common types of swimming pools. They are mostly attached to a reinforced wall frame such as aluminum, a non-corrosive polymer or steel. Also considering Dubai’s climate, the swimming pool contractors can come up with solutions to block direct heating of water by sun and thereby proving shelter to pool.

5. Size & Shape

Designing A Swimming Pool in Dubai

A prime factor to be considering before designing your pool is to estimate the size. It again intertwines with other factors like purpose, type, how many people are intended to use it and finally the cost. You can customize the shape and size of the swimming pool according to your own aesthetic preferences too. For example, if it is intended for fitness a regular rectangular pool works best. On the other hand, if you just want a relaxing, spa-like facility, then you can get more innovative with the shape and size of your swimming pool. It also depends on the zoning restrictions and your budget. But chill! Everything will be taken care of by the swimming pool companies in Dubai. Provide them with your requirements and they will do the best in complying with your dream pool and with the technical requirements simultaneously.

6. Cost & Budgeting

Delectable luxury is a distinct feature in a developing city like Dubai. So most of us won’t be wishy-washy to investing in a pool at your Dubai home. But it is crucial to nail down the budgeting first. When considering the cost involved, one must also take into account the cost incurred for its longevity, maintenance, and accessories. One must also keep in mind that cost and quality never go hand in hand. So beware of low quality services that is masked as services at incredibly low cost.

7. Maintenance

Swimming pools properly maintained, can be a valuable asset when selling your house. However, if not properly constructed and maintained, the situation is topsy-turvy and results in diminution your property value. Maintenance is a quite hectic process with a long list of chores. Here again pool companies in Dubai comes into rescue. They confirm that your pool is energy-efficient with substantial filtration and sound hydraulics. You can also book for pool cleaning services with the companies, if you find it affordable. But again if it seems expensive, not to worry, there are also kits at your disposal like adequate skimmers, variable speed pumps, pool pump enclosures, larger pipes, sanitizers, chlorinators and more.

8. Special Features

If aesthetics is prime focus, you can embellish your mundane pool environment by adding special features. Adding a vibrant lighting effect and other features like the surrounding deck with interior finishes such as colored quartz, tiles, pebbles, marble plaster which enables to provide a soothing environment day and night. If you are planning to build one in your backyard, you can make pool an eye-catchy piece in your entire garden with subtler artistic impression.

If you are looking for a perfect swimming pool design in Dubai, Contact KCJ Landscaping LLC! With years of experience we offers you the perfect design that suits your needs and we do everything from planning, designing, construction of swimming pool and pool maintenance in Dubai and across the UAE.

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