5 Advantages of using Interlocking Floor Tiles

Interlocking tiles are pavers attached by using either nail or sometimes sand. It is used to cover roofs, patios, driveways and walkways. Interlocking tiles are a more convenient alternative of standard bricks.

Are you willing to install interlocking tiles? Do you want to know the advantages of using Interlocking tiles? Here you go!

In this blog of KJC Guide, we are going to provide you with 5 amazing advantages of using interlocking tiles. Also, we would love to lend our best interlocking tiles services in Dubai for your flooring.

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Ease of Installation.

The best advantage of using interlocking tiles is the ease of installation. The installation process of interlocking tiles is completely hassle-free. No glues, sand or binding material is required for installing interlocking floor tiles. It has a secure interlocking system which can be easily handled even without professional guidance. You can also install the new interlocking tiles on your existing flooring. Even if the flooring is damaged, interlocking tiles can be installed without any hassles (with certain exceptions). Thus, there isn’t any need to repair or substrate your previous flooring. This makes interlocking tiles highly cost-effective.

Protection from damages

Interlocking tiles enriches the load-bearing capacity by 4 times to that of a standard concrete slab. This higher durability of interlocking tiles adds more life in its sustenance. During the installation of interlocking tiles, the sub-flooring doesn’t get affected. Interlocking tiles are cost-effective compared to standard concrete slabs with long resistance capacity. Interlocked patios can withstand heavy traffic.

Easy to maintain

Maintaining interlocking tiles is a very easy task. The tiles can be easily cleaned by mopping or sweeping the floor. Another way of cleaning the tiles is by using a scrub dryer machine. Scrub dryer machines ensure the aesthetic finish of the interlocked tiles. If your flooring of interlocked tiles gets damaged in certain areas, you can repair it without disrupting the whole pavement. The damaged area of your flooring can be easily changed by removing the tiles and replacing it with the good one. These qualities make maintaining interlocking tiles a comfortable task.

Flexible and comes in various styles

Interlocking tiles have an amazing quality of flexing as per the environment. The tiles prohibit seismic distortion and cracks which make the patios highly sustainable. Interlocking tiles come in innumerable styles, colors and variants which give an esthetic appearance to the floors. Even handling, installing and maintaining interlocking tiles is an effortless task.

Environmental benefits of using interlocking floor tiles

Interlocking pavers are ecologically beneficial. During rain, impermeable surfaces of asphalt and concrete carry toxic chemicals like oil and grease with the rainwater. These toxic chemicals can cause over flooding of water. On the other hand, ICPI asserts that interlocking paving systems are proven to reduce runoff by 100%. This makes the interlocking paving system environment friendly.

With these amazing benefits of interlocking tiles, don’t think twice before installing these easy to handle tiles for your residential/commercial purpose. Also, we would love to guide you to choose the best interlocking tiles for your purpose. Get on a free discovery call with us NOW!

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