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Just like the other cities in the UAE,  landscaping has become quite popular in Al Ain and so has the landscaping Companies in Al Ain. KCJ Landscaping is one of the company in Al Ain helps the residents, owners to help them landscape their own outdoor space more effectively by incorporating their design ideas, experience, expertise and thoughts into it.

Among most of the landscaping Companies in Al Ain, KCJ landscaping is the most trusted and highly rated landscaping company in the Al Ain. We offer all services includes Villa landscaping, gardening, swimming pool design and maintenance, and more.

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KCJ landscaping has over a decade of experience in the landscaping industry. We do have a team of well experienced people who would turn your outdoor space into a wonderland. Since we offer A-Z services in the landscaping it saves our customers from a lot of hassle and stress.

Our Landscaping Types

Contemporary Landscape
Contemporary Landscape
Zen Style Landscape
Zen Style Landscape
Luxurious Landscape
Luxurious Landscape
Roman Style Landscape Dubai
Roman Style
Chinese Style Landscape
Chinese Style
Residential Landscaping Dubai
English Style
Spacious Landscape
Spacious Landscape
Elegant Style Landscape
Elegant Style

Professional Landscaping Company in Al Ain

 landscaping company in Al Ain

Al Ain is one of the Oldest city located in UAE. Though there are a lot of landscaping companies in Al Ain today, we are the pioneers in this area, with the experience and expertise we have gained over the years, we are proud to say that we, KCJ landscaping are the #1 landscaping company in Al Ain, UAE.

We offer our swimming pools and landscaping services for residential, commercial and industrial projects. There is no project that is too small or too big to us. We do take care of all our projects alike and complete them in the required time with the best quality.

Our technical team takes input from the customers regarding their requirements, needs, likes and dislikes and then create a design that suits them the best. We also do create 3D sketches to help our customers understand better.

Why choose KCJ Landscaping Services in Al Ain?

Well there are a number of reasons why you have to choose KCJ landscaping for all kinds landscaping needs in Al Ain, some of them are mentioned below.

      • Experience matters – We are a very well experienced team. The team we have here at KCJ landscaping does have over a decade of experience in their own respective specialty which includes all kinds of experts from horticulturist, masons, designers, engineers & architects
      • Quality & Delivery – Our experience in the industry has surely lend us a helping hand here to deliver our product and service as the best in town. We also deliver your completed landscape project on time as promised
      • Competitive Price – Our rates are the best in town, we can guarantee you that. We never pull our customer’s leg by going beyond their budget unless asked for. We accommodate all the expenses within the budget

Most Trusted Landscape Designer & Contractors in Al Ain 

Landscaping Companies in Al Ain
With this wide range end-to-end solutions that we offer to our customers in landscaping their houses and buildings, we are known as one of the leading landscaping designers and contractors in Al Ain, UAE. Our service speaks for itself. A beautiful and unique structure with a touch of architecture in outdoor elements like gazebos and pergolas immediately transforms the look of your building thus improving not just the look and feel of your building but also the valuation of your villa or property in Al Ain by a good amount.

If you are in to nature, someone who is looking to bring in a piece of nature to their backyard, someone who looks functionality of a space as much as the aesthetics, write to us at info@kcjlandscaping.ae / +971-50-5478110 and let us help you transfer your outdoor space.


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